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Why Work With Us

BCS has two divisions:

Materials & Goods

BCS has connections to the most price competitive and technologically innovative domestic furniture materials available. From plastic pigments to plastic woods used for residential and commercial furnishings, BCS is your competitive advantage.

Business Processes

Because BCS has worked with a number of companies over the years, we are tuned into some of the most efficient solutions available. Specifically in the back office, we have a range of import and export duty saving strategies, and tax saving strategies for US companies. These truly unique solutions are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the customers we’ve worked with.

Our Team

Meet the crew who is going to lead your company to cost savings that will make you look good! We have a remote work team, in which each member is strategically located in the best position to serve our customers. That is just one of the BCS differences!

If you believe you have above average experience and skills in import, compliance, logistics, or accounting; send your resume to careers@businesseastbay.us

Nicholas Dillard
Elizaville, NY
Fun Fact:
Loves Convertibles

Margret N. Freese
Tax & Duty Strategies
McAllen, TX
Fun Fact:
Loves Firearms

Nicole Faul
Import Rep
Tampa, FL
Fun Fact:

Aimee Pearson
Marketing & BD
Savanahh, GA
Fun Fact:
Went to Film School

Roberto Kieth
Materials Rep
Los Angeles, CA
Fun Fact:
Knows programming

Matt Terwilliger
Export Rep
Trenton, NJ
Fun Fact:
Loves Electric Cars

It’s time to learn more. Request a catalog or speak with a service representative to see how you are better off with BCS.

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