East Palo Alto: Experience a Relaxed Atmosphere Near the Greater Metropolitan Region

East Palo Alto, also locally known as EPA can be found within the boundaries of San Mateo County in near proximity to the San Francisco Bay area. Located between San Francisco and San Jose with a 2010 population of over twenty-eight thousand, EPA offers lower land prices in a more rural-oriented setting. Its centralized location to major California metropolitan areas allows locals to enjoy the best of everything this region has to offer. Originally home to Native Americans, it was soon taken over by Spanish ranchers along with a prevalent population of Chinese laborers. Today the city has expanded to include several cultures with varying backgrounds to create a multi-ethnic population count. Ranching, shipping, transportation, farming, and manufacturing were common primary industries. Trade includes an immense amount of agricultural and small industrial groups, but has also expanded to commercial business. East Palo Alto, originally founded in 1849, still contains the natural setting that initially attracted individuals to this suburban location.

What are a Few Places of Interest to Consider?

Located right off Bayshore Freeway, East Palo Alto provides easy access to the wider San Francisco area where visitors or locals can take in the stunning views. San Francisco is a progressive metropolitan city that is surrounded by water on all but one side. Local attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, North Beach coffeehouse, Haight Street shopping, and the beach. Anyone can find plenty to do when visiting San Francisco or its surrounding suburbs. The region offers a large variety of restaurants, attractions, nightlife activities, and local events. Restaurant food is divine due to the year-round produce and seafood selection found in this area. Local culinary talent has made San Francisco a premier food city throughout the world.

1900 University Avenue is home to two major international businesses in the East Palo Alto area. The multi-tenant office structure remains in Class A status with Wells Fargo and Greenburg Traurig being the main tenants. Wells Fargo is a multinational financial services company that has made San Francisco home to its corporate headquarters. Greenburg Traurig, an international law firm, has been ranked as tenth among top U.S. firms regarding gross revenue. Major practice areas include business reorganization, bankruptcy litigation, information technology, entertainment, real estate, and securities. 1900 University Avenue has the primary focus of business oriented legal activities; however, attorneys also cover various other portions of law for highly developed or start-up businesses. The location is surrounded by many residential neighborhoods in addition to multiple transportation access points.

East Palo Alto is in close enough vicinity for visitors, businesses, or locals to enjoy shopping, exceptional cuisine, and widespread culture. While there are numerous things to do in this city, a few specific activities are recommended to anyone making their way through the San Francisco region. Experienced travelers suggest activities such as a bus tour, Chinatown, dining, Alcatraz, cable car rides, and biking across the Golden Gate Bridge as good choices when visiting this city. The area offers plenty of finely designed office buildings and unique neighborhoods for visitors or anyone desiring a permanent change of scenery.