R&D Tax Credits

Find Out If You Have Large Cash Incentives. Free.

Save Thousands of Dollars Off Your Tax Bill Without Paying An Accountant

The US Government, many states and localities have renewed tax credit programs for businesses who perform any sort of innovation. Find out for free if you qualify.


“What industry do I have to be in?”.

95% of the companies we work with don’t specifically function as R&D companies. Why would Congress, State Governments, and localities across the United States authorize huge tax savings for R&D when only a very tiny industry performs R&D as their main function? Because the R&D credits were meant for companies like yours. They are meant to reward specific activities across all industries, many of which your company already does

“It Sounds Complicated”

Of all the problems in the world, our firm is laser focused on this specific issue. We haven’t done our job if we don’t make it look easy for our clients. That’s why people work with us. We are very knowledgeable in this subject, and know how to shore up your qualification with very little work on your end.

“Are tax credits worth it?”

If it weren’t worth it, we wouldn’t have reached out to you. Most small business clients save tens of thousands of dollars a year. Business that gross tens of millions a year, will probably save closer to a million dollars each year. Larger businesses have been known to save multiple millions of dollars. Would you call that, worth it?

What Does It Cost?

We take a small and reasonable percentage of what you save. If you don’t save substantial money, we don’t charge. 

Ok, so what do I have to do?

We’ll get in touch, ask a few questions, and start performing an assessment. By the way, professional accounting firms that do offer assessments on this topic (most don’t) charge $500 just to evaluate your eligibility.

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